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The Scenario:
You’ve been invited to a meeting to discuss the recent acquisition of a million dollar client.  Your boss will be there and he’s on cloud nine because this is a real boost for morale and means a hefty profit gain for the company.  The numbers in the past several months haven’t been great and this is a real win for the company.
Your boss has asked you to bring a report showing the quantities on hand for the components of the machines your business has been asked to supply to this new client. The initial order is five new machines and your report shows enough components for seven.  Good news, right?  Sure, until you alert production to get moving on the five machines, tell the new client you’ll be able to deliver when they asked for them and then sell two more machines to an existing client – thinking you only need order parts to replenish your typical stock on hand.  Suddenly production is calling you frantic because someone has realized that you only have enough parts to build two machines and getting the parts from your overseas vendor is going to take longer than expected.  Now the existing clients order can be filled but what about this new client?  How do you explain this to them in a way that doesn’t make your organization look bad?

Granted this is a hypothetical scenario but it demonstrates the type of unfortunate chain reaction events that can and do occur as a result of inaccurate reports.  There is a way to head situations like this off at the pass.  It’s called custom reporting and it could save you from an otherwise embarrassing situation.  Having accurate real-time data is a critical part to operating a successful business.   Custom reporting can provide you with a strong support system and up to date information needed to make important business decisions such as those illustrated in the above scenario.

Software Reporting Solutions:

Problems like these can be eliminated with the inclusion of custom software reporting tools from Warrior Consultant Group, Inc.  Through custom software reporting you gain access to real-time reports that won’t have you guessing on the accuracy of your data. We offer two widely used and powerful reporting tools:

Custom Reporting Features:

  • View and analyze data the way you want to see it
  • Turn data into knowledge
  • Run a more efficient business
  • Increase profitability
  • Eliminate incomplete or inaccurate reports
  • Extract, compile and report on information from almost any database
  • Retrieve and format raw data
  • Create and present reports for widespread distribution
  • Create and view reports from wireless devices, the web and MS Office documents

Custom Reporting Benefits:

  • Provides tighter control over inventory and operations
  • Offers increased visibility into your business
  • Streamlines processes as a result of accurate real-time data
  • Improves communications company wide

Training / Support / Implementation:

We offer training and consultation for all of our custom reporting tools and strive to educate and empower your staff to get the most out of your investment.  We not only create the reports for you, we also use them as a training tool to teach your staff how to create their own reports.  Each program offers unprecedented visibility into your organization’s day to day operations and will have you feeling more confident about critical business decisions that must be made to ensure your success.

At Warrior our mission is to provide you with one vendor for all of your software and hardware needs.  We want you to feel secure that all of your business needs and concerns will be handled by one team.  Therefore, as part of our product and service offering we handle all of the implementation and ongoing support of your project for as long as you need us.  Our training program has been tailored to meet your individual needs and schedule.  To learn more about our training program simply click on the “training” button above to be redirected to that page.

For more information on Crystal Reports and/or Business Intelligence reporting software from Warrior Consultant Group, Inc. Contact Us.

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