How to Woo Your Customer Base

Converting a one hit wonder into a customer for life

Are you selling products and or services on the Internet? Do you count each purchase as just another order or something more? How hard do you try to convert each buyer into a customer for life? These are all very good questions that I would challenge and encourage you to ask yourself about the customers that you service online.

Imagine this scenario: I’m a first time customer visiting your website. I find the navigation capabilities of your website to be pretty good and after some browsing find my product of choice and click to buy. I go through the necessary steps to pay for my item and upon hitting the “submit my order’ button get the standard “thank you for your order” response. I wait, and wait, and wait for something more but nothing ever comes. What do you think I’m waiting for from your website store?

Believe it or not the lifecycle of your sale to me isn’t complete. But do you know what’s missing? According to Dylan Boyd at The Email Wars, there are three things that should follow a sale of this type if you want to convert me from a one hit wonder to a customer for life.

With some very creative thinking and attention to detail a simple ecommerce store can wow each and every customer and buy some insurance that you’ll get a great return on your investment. According to Boyd, the savvy email marketer has no less than three opportunities to further engage a customer following a click of the “buy” button. Here’s what you should be doing:

Use an order confirmation to encourage further purchases. You might provide a discount code for their next purchase or an offer they can pass along to friends. This can be given when a buyer has shopped with your store more than once or right away if you’re feeling generous. Simply providing the details of the order and when the buyer can expect it to be shipped are often times enough.
Use a shipment confirmation to promote similar items or announce upcoming deals. This type of message is important because online shopping is different than in person buying in that the instant gratification factor is missing when you have to wait on a product to arrive versus being able to walk out of the store with it. People will be wondering how long they should expect to wait for what they’ve ordered to arrive. It’s a great follow-up technique that moves the buyer through the lifecycle and encourages repeat business.
Use a survey to request feedback on the product and opinions of the overall experience. After enough time has passed and you’re sure the order has arrived you can follow-up with a survey and a discount offer asking the buyer to rate their shopping experience with you. Sending a survey asking the buyer to rate the experience will provide you with real-time data that you can use in future marketing efforts. It will also show the buyer that their opinion and satisfaction is important to your company. It instills a feeling of worth and makes them think of you the next time they want to buy.
So the next time you’re brainstorming on how to retain customers I hope that you will reference this post and use it as a tool. Following these three simple steps will make your customers feel special and they will want to shop with you again because you’ve demonstrated that you care. Plus they might even tell their friends about you; priceless!

by Kristin Balonier

Kristin Balonier is the Marketing Manager at Warrior Consultant Group, Inc.

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