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Technology continues to increase at an unmeasurable rate and we realize that in order to give you the best we must continue learning and growing.  In an effort to offer you the very best products and services, Warrior Consultant Group, Inc. has embraced bar coding and RFID (radio frequency identification) technology.

What is RFID?

Pioneered by huge retail giants like Wal-Mart, radio frequency identification or RFID, is a technology application in which digital data is encoded into an RFID tag or smart label. The system transmits the identity of an item or person in the form of a unique serial number wirelessly through the use of radio waves.  The technology includes bar codes, optical character readers and retinal scanners.

Using RFID technology in your business will reduce the amount of time and labor that is needed to input data manually, improve data accuracy and track company assets.

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Warehouse Applications

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How Can RFID Help Your Business?

A key component to stringent controls for inventory, RFID is quickly becoming a popular technology that offers a seemingly endless array of options for many facets of a business across multiple industries.

  • Want to scan a pallet in your warehouse three stories high?
  • Need to reduce your “out of stock” items and increase sales?
  • Looking to implement employee badges in your organization?
  • Need RFID Solutions for your Lawn & Garden business?

There are many benefits available to the retailer who implements RFID in their business.  Some of those benefits may not be as obvious but are definitely as rewarding.  The greatest ROI for RFID implementation is being seen with smaller companies that have up to $100 million in annual revenue. In fact 54% of companies surveyed recently by Aberdeen Research Group have found success with RFID.

Ways to Leverage RFID:

  • For efficiency around inventory control and inventory taking
  • For visibility.  Improve on-shelf availability and make shelf replenishment smarter

The ability to see a big return on your RFID investment lies in how you approach using the technology.  Those retailers who approach RFID from a retail operations focus will see the biggest return.  It is the companies that are flexible and innovative that will ultimately see the fastest return on an RFID investment.

RFID and Loss Prevention:

Research shows that companies who approach RFID from a loss prevention perspective end up spending more money and have dramatically inflated labor costs.  Statistics also demonstrate that employee theft is more infectious than customer theft.  It is true that RFID does offer loss prevention benefits but the most positive results will come from simply telling your employees that RFID is hard at work in your business and big brother (that would be you) is watching inventory and them very carefully.

Aren’t Barcodes Enough?

The use of barcodes is definitely recommended, especially if you’re still tracking inventory with spreadsheets.  However, RFID is more precise and advanced than barcode technology.  Things RFID can do that barcodes cannot are:

  • Reduce your time spent on inventory activities by over 90%!
  • Track inventory items if separated from corresponding paperwork
  • Easily find items on the store floor and shelves:  even if hidden behind something else

In addition to the obvious benefits of RFID there are many non-obvious benefits to consider as well.  For example:

  • It allows you to make the most of existing electronic article surveillance or EAS infrastructure
  • Helps you keep up with the changing way of shopping
  • Allows you the opportunity to satisfy your customers’ diversifying demands
  • Helps you understand the impact of valuable pricing strategies
  • Enables you to take promotions into the digital age
  • Maximizes your loyalty programs and coupons
  • Shares information with upstream and downstream partners
  • Stimulates innovation

Industries Currently Deploying RFID:

  • Jewelry
  • Pharmacy
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Hardware
  • General Merchandise
  • Consumer Products
  • Luxury Goods
  • Restaurant
  • Retail Banking
  • Grocery
  • Food Service
  • Healthcare
  • Small Box
  • Big Box
  • Discount

As businesses begin to realize the unbelievable opportunity and benefit of using RFID the numbers continue to rise with more and more industries delving into the early adoption phase and deployment initiative.

Best In Class Users Pave the Way

The businesses who have already begun using and seeing the benefit of RFID are leading the way for others who aren’t yet convinced that this is a leap they should take.  Some of the critical factors involved in the successes of the Best In Class Users are:

  • They integrate the RFID data with other business processes, infrastructure and inventory management systems
  • They calculate the costs versus benefits of RFID against alternative solutions
  • They compare accuracy of manual inventory tracking to RFID
  • They provide customers with access to available and accurate inventory levels

As with anything in life, having an open mind can take you places that you never dreamed possible.  There is a lot of meaning in the old statement “you don’t know unless you try” and RFID is proof of that.

The Cool Side of RFID

There are many new trends that are emerging with this technology.  On the horizon and in the testing phase now are RFID enabled fitting rooms, magic “mirror” applications for dressing rooms, RFID enabled information kiosks and readers at the front door of stores to reduce shrinkage.  In-store efficiency tools currently being adopted are hand held RFID readers and RFID compatible point of sale solutions.  It’s truly unbelievable what this can do for your business!

Training / Support / Implementation:

Warrior Consultant Group, Inc. can offer your business the RFID platform that it needs to begin using this technological leader in inventory control.  We offer complete implementation and support for all of our products and services.  We have a comprehensive training program that is  tailored to fit your needs and schedule.  To learn more about our training program simply click on the “training” button above to be redirected to our training page.  We look forward to serving you!

To learn more about how RFID solutions can help your business run more efficiently Contact Us.

Warrior Consultant Group, Inc. is a certified RFID dealer.

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